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Pilates by Scott Matthews

Hi and welcome to Pilates by Scott Matthews.

I’m an internationally certified teacher offering both Pilates, and the innovative corrective exercise system, Bohdiya.

I teach people to develop health, strength and balance in their musculoskeletal system from the inside out. Clients seek my help for a range of needs, from chronic pain and complex injuries – to fine-tuning athletic performance and longevity. My system also helps transform physical appearance.

I teach one-on-one sessions using Pilates, Bohdiya, or a combination of both – depending on an individual’s needs and preferences.

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Resolution and Beyond

Sports Performance

Find the Edge


Aware, Mindful and Connected

Bohdiya is a unique Method of structural strength training based on cutting edge corrective exercise, giving you longer lasting results, a relaxed and optimal posture, and a greater sense of confidence and wellbeing.

The word Bohdiya: as similar to ‘Bodhi – the tree of enlightenment’ Bohdiya brings an awakening of the BodyMind…

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  • Lisa O

  • Chiara Gizzy, Professional Actress

    As an actress, my most important instrument is my body. Before learning the bohdiya method I always felt like my body and I were on different teams and when it isn’t functioning, it’s impossible to deliver the kind of performance I aspire to.   Since my twelve weeks training with Scott I now incorporate everything Scott’s method has taught me into daily life and all my exercise regimes. It has reignited my passion for being active without the fear of previously painful ramifications.   I back this method because it ‘empowers and equips YOU for change’, and this new knowledge now being my own, will stay with me for a lifetime. 

“To have suffered impact and injury to practically every major section of my body through a lifetime of extreme sports. I recognized fast why the Bohdiya program would undoubtedly work for me. Spending many years in Pilates and practitioner assisted modalities, searching endlessly for a long term solution I’ve finally now found this work and am feeling practically brand new all over. This method that Scott teaches seems to extract injury from its very roots and replaces what previously felt beat up, old & worn out with what now feels youthful, healthy, pain free and alive.

I trust Scott’s method will make its mark in corrective exercise.
I can’t recommend it enough!”

Jason Kelso, 47

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